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Albane Boulanger

Albane-Yoga Studio

Your favorite motto?

“Yoga connects us and roots us, allowing us to reach a subtle dimension that shapes us deeply, oriented towards our essential nature.”

Owner of Holys Espace and having lived on all five continents of the world for several years, she was initiated into the practice of yoga in Asia by an Indian and a German Swiss, Danielle Widmann.

Upon returning to France, she decided to dedicate herself to yoga. She is a member teacher of the French Federation of Yoga Teachers (FNEY) and a graduate of the French School of Yoga in Paris, a four-year program qualified by the Professional Office for the Qualification of Training Organizations. She regularly participates in workshops organized by the National Federation of Yoga Teachers in France and abroad, as well as in Sanskrit courses at E.F.Y.

The masters/teachers with whom you have practiced the yoga tradition you teach?

I was trained by Patrick Tomatis. His teaching was transmitted through the pedagogy of Nil Haoutoff, himself trained by Hiran Moy Chandra Goshdu, nicknamed “the golden moon,” who came from northern India. I also received instruction from Boris Tatzky in the energy lineage.

Years of teaching experience?

Twenty years.

Your favorite occupation?

Walking and swimming in the sea.

What do you seek when you teach?

A joyful and synergistic yogic transmission.

What do you seek when you practice?

Yoga helps people find unity in their body, mind, and spirit.

Your favorite heroes and heroines?

My grandfather.