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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

It is a dynamic and fluid sequence of postures, synchronized with the breath. Throughout the session, the focus is on breath, postural alignment, and self-awareness. It is a style of yoga that is both physical and athletic, while encouraging presence and letting go. Find peace and grounding through movement.

Ashtanga Yoga

A dynamic practice where postures follow one another in a predetermined sequence, organized into series. We learn a significant part of the first series (Yoga Chikitsa – the therapeutic series). This type of yoga emphasizes alignment, flexibility of the body, and muscle strengthening, encompassing (standing postures, seated postures, and closing postures.)

Yoga Prénatal

Prenatal Yoga

It is a precious help for experiencing pregnancy in serenity and better preparing for childbirth. This type of yoga offers breathing exercises and physical postures specifically adapted to the needs of the future mother. They revolve around essential principles such as breath, stretching, and working on the pelvic floor.

Bain Sonores

Sound bath

It is a method of passive relaxation that offers a true journey of self-discovery.

The sound waves produced by the bowls resonate with the cells of the body, allowing for a deep immersion in sounds and vibrations that have the power to purify and heal.

Yoga Postnatal avec bébé

Postnatal yoga with baby

It is a practice that allows you to reconnect with your body, develop a more conscious relationship with the baby, and stimulate his motor skills. The classes are specially adapted to the specific needs of mothers after childbirth, and also provide a feminine space to exchange with other mothers.

Yoga en Famille

Family Yoga

A playful approach and a moment of sharing with the family in gentleness and kindness. It invites us to discover breathing, body awareness, and meditation through imagination, games, complicity, and laughter.

A very special moment with the children!

Yoga pour Enfant

Yoga for Kids

It is an excellent physical and mental exercise for children. The brain needs play and movement to develop fully on an intellectual level. Through games and stories, children learn to breathe and relax. By strengthening muscles, especially those of the spine, it promotes improved immune defenses and a more serene and balanced mood.



It is a method that allows for deep relaxation and works as a mental training. It is an integral part of many scientifically recognized relaxation methods and is not necessarily linked to spirituality.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

A gentle, introspective, and progressive practice that cultivates inner calm.

It promotes slowing down, where poses are held in a relaxed manner for a longer period of time. The true challenge of this approach lies in the ability to remain still and maintain a quality of introspection throughout the practice.